Tangail Industries Ltd.

Tangail Industries Ltd (TIL) – a real estate company – initiated its voyage in the year of 2019. Since its opening, the company has been building high quality residential apartments, and commercial buildings; and offering them at a competitive yet inexpensive price. Most important trademark of this company is its assurance to complete the projects and hand them over to the customers in decided upon time. Tangail Industries Ltd (TIL) is duly registered with the office of the Joint Stock Companies, it is a member of REHAB. TIL is committed to comply with all the rules and regulations of the respective regulatory bodies. TIL makes it a point to maintain an efficient yet quite friendly working environment in all its premises. All clients and visitors are met with warm welcome and treated with equal cordiality. We believe that safety of a building, it’s occupants and users lie in complete compliance of all the rules, regulations and building codes that ensure a peaceful, satisfying and hassle-free living. We love to introduce innovation in our creations while maintaining strict quality, and of course we are very sensitive and respectful to environmental obligations. We attach great importance to remain transparent and being flexible, but certainly not at the cost of our values and respect for the laws of the land. We are pledge – bound to uphold our commitments and maintaining positive and healthy relationship with clients and business partners. TIL is constantly go-getting to ensure quality, accommodate innovations and make improvements; all of it for delivering the best to our clients. Vision: better living. Mission: To build better living place and ensure quality and timely delivery.

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